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Pink Eyeliner Sticker

Pink Eyeliner Sticker

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Are you worried about your extensions smudging your eyeliner? Or struggling with doing a cat eye right before a special event? We’ve got you covered.


With this eyeliner sticker, you no longer need to apply liquid eyeliner, which tends to smear all over your eyelid. The sticker achieves perfect symmetry without sloppy liquid lines or stains. They feature an unwavering line and equal thickness on both eyes, which is hard to achieve manually.


No streaks or fuss. Simply take off the sticker and stamp it on the eyelid. The sticker overcomes your eyeliner woes once and for all. With perfectly shaped wings and vibrant, pink hues, the sticker blends in well with your eye makeup or extensions, creating an effect of a captivating graphic liner with a velvety finish.

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