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Green Eyeliner Sticker

Green Eyeliner Sticker

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Start your makeup routine right. You will never get frustrated again with smudges, crooked symmetry, and shaky lines when applying winged lines, thanks to our Green Eyeliner Sticker.


Whether you’re crafting a daytime chic or an evening glam makeup look, you can rely on these stickers to amplify your eyes. You can wear the sticker alone, with eyeshadow, or a strip lash to take your gaze to the next level.


The Green Eyeliner sticker is ideal for those who are not good at drawing eyeliner or just want a more convenient way to finish eye makeup. The sticker only takes a few seconds to craft a spectacular look without making your eyelids feel heavy.

With the Green Eyeliner sticker, you can enjoy the whole makeup routine from start to end, knowing it will end flawlessly with a gorgeous green eyeliner. Creating an effect of a rich graphic eyeliner, the sticker adds an innovative twist to your beauty regimen.



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