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Eyelash extensions Glue

Eyelash extensions Glue

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Whether it’s rainy or windy, you no longer need to worry about your lashes coming off. This glue for eyelash extensions will keep your lashes intact for the longest time.


This premium lash glue is suitable for individual, curly, and volume lashes alike. With a fast dry time, it saves you a huge time, as it sets in seconds but still gives you some time to reposition the lashes. The lash glue goes on evenly with a precision brush and dries clear almost immediately, saving you a lot of time and hassle.


The glue features high retention, designed for professional lash artists to speed up the eyelash extension procedures. With a thin composition and flexibility, the adhesive formula produces no clumps or dragging on the eyelid. The glue features great elasticity, remaining intact when the extensions are put under pressure.


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