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Blue Eyeliner Sticker

Blue Eyeliner Sticker

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Ready for a jaw-dropping look? Not a problem. All you need is this blue eyeliner sticker. Use it to draw a killer cat eye in seconds and enjoy a captivating gaze!


The eyeliner sticker creates a beautiful, cosmic cat eye look with a vibrant blue hue. It sticks to your eye easily and doesn’t budge throughout the day. The color is vibrant and suits all types of complexions and color schemes - this way, you can create many different looks with this single eyeliner sticker.


Lasting all day through heat and humidity, the eyeliner sticker will rid you of bleeding lines and smudgy pigments. It holds the magic of eyeliner in a convenient and quick-drying sticker, which sticks to the upper lash line without making it feel heavy.


So, if you’re looking for that long-wearing, dramatic graphic eyeliner look, this sticker will be your best companion. It creates an illusion of wider, brighter eyes, recreating the beauty of a professional cat eye.


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